Why Coldwater Financial?

The partners of Coldwater Financial (“Coldwater”) have more than 25 years of experience originating, analyzing, and managing investment in middle market companies. We are dedicated and focused upon finding companies and opportunities where we can assist in providing superior returns to our investment partners and management.

Alignment with Investors & Management

We believe in aligning our investor’s interests with our own. We believe in open transparency and communication with our investment partners and management.

Middle Market Focus

Through an extensive network of lawyers, bankers and brokers, we partner with owners and management teams to provide capital for liquidity, growth and acquisitions.

We Do Not Have a Proprietary Model

We assess risk, return and potential value based upon methods that are time-tested and proven. Why are we different? We use our experience and analytics to assess business risk, enterprise value and strategic opportunities based upon our ongoing review of the investment.

Patient, Long Term View

Since Coldwater is not tethered to arbitrary restrictions like a Private Equity fund, we can emphasize long term value creation with our investors and management.

Disciplined, Consistent Focus

Our vision is built on consistent focus to long term value, ethics and results. Our strategic partnership with our investors and management team is built on these critical factors for success.

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